Franklin Delano Roosevelt has more than one nickname but the most common one is his initials F.D.R. Franklin's political party affiliation was the democracy part. F.D.R was the 32nd president. He was in office from march 4 1933 - april 12 1945, which is 12 years he served as president. He married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, his fifth cousin once removed, on March 17, 1905. 1]“Civilian Conservation Corps’’ (CCC)” provided jobs to thousands charged with building reservoirs and improving national parks. 2]”Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)” constructed a series of dams along the Tennessee River. 1] 2] WAR and CONFLICTS The conflict in World War llis that was little of everything . Most companies stop making things for example lipstick, sugar , cars and things like that and started make bullets, tanks, guns etc. He started World War ll